Perfect for management, designed to engage and motivate your employees.
Count on a platform that applies gamification concepts in a unique and intelligent way to help companies achieve goals and manage teams, both in person and remotely.
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Do you want to sell more, increase productivity or reduce attendance time?

Regardless of the goal, Gamefic can help your company achieve it.

Gamefic is an intuitive platform, designed to increase interaction between teams, promote engagement, productivity and generate more results.

Choose the smart platform with the
greatest customization capabilities.

Exclusive methodology + cutting-edge technology:
gamification for a better management.

Different types of games

Running, surfing and more! The team can choose what best fits their profile and have fun in their own way.

Games to engage and motivate

The interface is playful, fun, pleasant and customizable, providing the ideal setting to stimulate the performance of employees to achieve each objective.

Who will arrive first?

The score and performance of each player forms a ranking in a game format, which helps generating healthy competition among employees. You're one step closer to bring fun and performance improvement to your team.

We are the best choice
in gamification:

We are the best choice in gamification:

Next phase: take your company's indicators
to the next level with Gamefic.

See how the platform offers the best solutions to your business:

Bring better results in general company objectives through the most advanced gamification practices.

Focus on employee recognition, generating more motivation and engagement.

Establish a culture of results with the help of the latest technology and gamification principles.

Application of a playful and dynamic game to promote interactions and encourage the completion of tasks by employees.

Greater fluidity in internal communication, encouraging more involvement of teams with daily goals and objectives.

Close and real-time monitoring. So your company anticipates the strategies to achieve goals, with no surprises at the end of the month.

The ideal tool for your remote work . No need to install any software.

Available in multiple devices: our platform is always at hand.

Integration with other tools and a multitude of data sources.

Some Gamefic resources to improve the relationship
with your employees:


Count on a direct channel for compliments, criticism and, mainly, celebrations of the goals achieved.

News Feed for your employees

A social network for your company, with its own content and interactions between employees.

Identify the best talents

Find out who are the team members with the best performances and how they can achieve the goals.


Wide customization to meet all the specifics of your company and/or department.

Learning and improvement

Training and tests on the platform for constant improvement of employees.

Rewards Store

Enable claiming (transactions) of real rewards with the coins earned.

And if you need help ...

Count on our Customer Success department, which is dedicated to assisting our customers in any questions or demands.

Track your team's development and performance in real time:

We are the best choice
in gamification:

Bring joy and excitement to your company's
“day -o-day goals”

Use our platform to engage employees, encourage competitiveness and cooperation,
create achievable goals and, finally, have a winning team!

Gamification to manage people
in your

With Gamefic your company promotes gains in productivity and
in the relationship between leaders and employees.

The tool for
the modern manager

Gamefic allows people to be managed through commitment, motivated by results and rewarded by merit.

Encourage the
achievement of goals

Our solution applies gamification to provide a healthy and stimulating environment to achieve daily goals.

Recognize and

It is a competition where everyone wins: the best employees are recognized and the team remains more motivated.

communication flow

Maintain team communication, personalized for each profile, whether in a physical or in a remote environment.

Reduce the stress
of direct pressure

Our platform informs individual performance, without the manager's intervention.


Gamefic helps to identify points for improvement, so employees themselves can use the available training.

Gamefic is for every type of company and can help
diverse types of business.

Whether HR or sales, customer service or back office,

count on our platform to improve the performance of employees.

Low implementation cost and complete integration with any CRM or data source.

In a few days our platform will be part of your company's routine. Our technology team always acts strongly and together with our customers.

For any metric, such as new budgets, service times, products for sale, etc.

Everything that is measured can be improved with our gamified platform. Any indicator or KPI, from any department.

Your company does not need prior experience with games or gamification.

Your company will rely on our expertise, and we will lead the entire process and creation of the trails aiming to improve the performance of your business goals.

Start the gamification revolution
in your company now!